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Commercial Movers

Work at times can be stressful. Moving should not be.

Whether you are a local business or national, Houma Movers Referral Service have what you need to move the right way.

It does not matter the size of a space you have. Be it an office, a restaurant, a store or a large commercial enterprise, moving has over time proved to be a big deal to many.

Safe arrival of your belongings to their new destination should not be your only concern, but also that the move happens with as little downtime as possible.

When you choose Houma Movers Referral Service as your commercial movers, you can rest assured that every aspect of the move will go smoothly.
Our range of commercial moving services include,

  • Physically fit professional movers
  • Clean, padded trucks
  • Computerized inventory services
  • Flexible moving times
  • Guaranteed moving dates
  • Full and partial packing services
  • Electronics packing and configuration.

We however advise our clients to have as much information about their moving needs as possible, such as any special equipment which needs to be transferred or time constraints.

We will therefore need to be on site to give an exact price estimate and this is done with a help of a commercial moving expert. The commercial moving expert, while on site, will be able to note any potential issues, such as furniture that might need to be disassembled before being moved or items requiring special care.

1.We normally ask our clients to `just take care of their businesses, we will take care of their move. We understand that business has so many responsibilities, from managing employees to servicing clients. That’s why at Houma Movers Referral Service , we take over your business when it’s time to move. So you can focus on your current business without missing a beat. Whether you are moving your business along with your home, or expanding your business to another location, Houma Movers Referral Service is the premier commercial moving for companies and businesses of all sizes.

2. Our experience makes moving a great experience! Years of experience have made us the experts when it comes to commercial moving. During your commercial moving, transporting your office`s inventory and excess stock is not a problem-we follow a carefully-crafted system of packaging, transporting and unloading your business items, ensuring safety, efficiency and speed of transfer. We understand every aspect of commercial moving which lets us avoid unnecessary costs that most inexperienced movers incur for their clients.

3. Our team will move your team with care. We have the commercial moving team in the business. From movers, operations to sales staff, Houma Movers Referral Service has the team and infrastructure to make every move a success. Our team can also set up storage in our facilities. We can store all shapes, sizes and volumes of inventory. We will be glad to know if you would simply need a clean, dry space to store excess furniture or stock. A large warehouse area with climate control; our commercial moving team will take care of every aspect of your commercial move.

4. Caring and professional staff.

5. Timely delivery. We deliver our customers` items within the required time. We act swiftly once you make that quote, to ensure that no time is wasted and your business, on the other hand, is taken care of, leaving nothing to worry about.

6. Satisfaction is guaranteed. From first quote, our experienced team of movers takes pride in arranging a seamless move for your business of office, making the transition fast and efficient. Our mission is to make your move stress free.

At Houma Movers Referral Service, we not only ensure that we move you and your business to the next location, but we also share important commercial moving tips.

If you have an upcoming office move, keep in mind that moving office furniture is not a task for your employees. Even if a person knows how to safely lift and move heavy objects, attempting to move your office furniture could result in a strained muscle or back injury.

Professional movers have the training and equipment needed to safely move heavy office furniture without injuring themselves or others and without damaging the furniture, office and entry ways.

In addition to eliminating the risk of (and liability for) an injury to one of your employees, hiring a professional to move your office helps protect your investment and ensures your furniture will look and function as well in the new location as it does in your current one. Office movers employ highly trained technicians who can disassemble and reassemble modular systems according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

The professional movers also know the importance of careful planning in an office or any commercial move. For instance, reconfiguration of cubicles and office furniture systems will likely be required, depending on the space and layout of your current and new office as well as the location of existing electrical, networks and phone lines. At Houma Movers Referral Service, we discuss this with our customers.

Make safety a priority and avoid the risk of added costs and lost production by hiring a professional commercial mover, just like Houma Movers Referral Service. Even when hiring professionals, you and your employees will still have lots to do in preparation of and after the move. The following will help on that;

1.A day before moving day, provide each employee with a box to pack his or her own desk or cubicle contents. They should remove all contents from their desks and pack them in the moving cartons, carefully wrapping any fragile items. If possible they can consolidate office belongings with those of other employees being relocated in the immediate area at the new location to conserve cart space. Place small items such as pens and paper clips in envelopes and then in the carton. Again, ask them to take any personal item with them, rather than include them in the office move.

2. In most case, upright file cabinets can be moved with contents intact, but someone should remove contents of lateral cabinets and pack in cartons designed for file. Files will be moved in an upright position and can be locked if unbolting is completed.

3. Remove and pack all contents from supply cabinets. Lock tape or tie cabinet doors closed.

4. Remove all books from bookcases and pack the books in carton, standing on their ends.

5. Complete all packing before moving day. Only personnel directly involved with the move should be present on moving day.

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