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Over the years, our Company has been the best in offering all moving services you might be interested in. A full service move is the right choice for those who are too busy to pack up their stuff and ship it out on their own. It’s also great for those who have to move immediately with everything. You can kick back on your couch as our full service movers from Houma Movers Referral Service are carrying it out of your place. Not really, since we will have to carry the couch, you can sit on the floor and watch our team as they do all the heavy lifting.
Right about now, you’re imagining yourself sipping some ice Tea things simply disappear from one home and reappear in another. Magic! No, it’s not, because, Houma Movers Referral Service we have made this possible with our affordable and highly competitive prices.

And still you get what you pay for, because we will pack your stuff, load it onto our truck, drive the truck, unload it at your new place, and even rebuild furniture that had to be disassembled for the trip. In a nutshell, we offer the following full service moving services,
Packing and unpacking – we help you get packed we ensure that we bring enough packing materials to help you pack your belongings and not have to worry about trying to find these. Our packing materials are cheap so you do not have to get stressed that the charge will increase when you contact us for our full moving service.

Moving protection – our company is insured and licenced. You do not have to worry when we actually ship your product to your address. Our clients’ needs are taken seriously that is why we provide qualified drivers to help deliver your belongings

Storage – if you find that you have not yet found a place where you can stay we offer temporary storage solutions to our clients. We just have to come in pack your belongings and then deliver it to our storage facilities. This is to ensure that you get a safe place where you can leave your belongings before you get settled down in your new location. As stated above we are insured so you do not have to worry about your belongings getting damaged or lost. During the first contact with our representative, you created a check list and you will have to counter sign the checklist when we deliver your stuff.

Convenience services – Our services are convenient to clients as we actually deliver on our promise of being the best in the industry. We show up at your house and get down to business without wasting time. That is why whenever you contact us we are capable of dispatching a team within a short time to your location.

Here at Houma Movers Referral Service we ensure that each employee is well versed with technical installations of modular units and electronics. This is because we have ensured that we take extra care of your stuff so that you do not have to worry about any damages. Our staff is also physically fit for any lifting job that may arise.

Apart from just giving you the normal full service moving services like, packing and wrapping, loading and unloading, we also give the best services in installation and assembly charges.

At Houma Movers Referral Service, we have a team of professional installers that specialize in office cubicle and furniture assembly installation. Our professionally trained technicians are experienced and well versed with the installation of a variety of quality manufacturers.
We guarantee safe and proper installation that will be ready immediately for you to enjoy.

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